Install DOS3.3 FST on GS/OS


  • The DOS3.3 is an optional FST which is not installed by default.
  • The DOS3.3 FST allows GS/OS apps to read Apple II DOS 3.3 disks.
  • Unfortunatey the DOS 3.3 FST is read-only and will not write to the filesystem.

Install DOS3.3 FST (File System Translator) to /Volume.Root/System/FSTs

  • The DOS3.3 FST is available on the IIGS System 6.0.2 - Disk 3 System tools 1 disk.
  • Mount the System Tools 1 disk and copy the System/DOS3.3.FST file to the Hard Drive/System/FSTs directory.
  • Reboot the system and GS/OS will be able to access DOS 3.3 filesystems.

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