Creating a Lambda Layer for running PHP on Lambda
PHP can be used as a language with AWS Lambda. Here's how to compile php in to a Lambda Layer that can be included with a PHP-based Lambda function.
Using MicroPython with a WeMos D1 Mini
Installing the MicroPython firmware on to the WeMos, a miniature NodeMCU.
Check if the Commodore64 Joystick is working using BASIC
A simple piece of BASIC that takes the XY coordinates from the Joystick and prints the data to the screen
Macintosh Classic Keyboard Commands
Commands for Controlling MacOS Classic
Terraform provider for Libvirt
Use terraform to control Libvirt/KVM
KVM MAC Address Generator
Generate a unique MAC address to be used with KVM libvirt.
Apple IIe Card for the Macintosh
Choosing the Macintosh LC475 24-bit Processing The Apple IIe card requires a Macintosh with a PDS slot and support 24-bit memory addressing.(From System 7.6 onwards, Macintosh system software does not...
Azure blob storage static website
Build a website using the Jekyll static website generator and host that website on Azure Blob Storage with Azure CDN.
Setup SCSI2SD as the disk drive for a 68k Mac
Use a SCSI2SD device as the SCSI hard drive in a 68k Macintosh and install MacOS 7.5.5 from an emulated floppy drive
Amazon Lambda HTTP Basic Auth using ClaudiaJS
Building a Javascript app, built on the ClaudiaJS framework, to handle HTTP basicauth requests when running on Amazon Lambda.
Espruino and the Wii Nunchuck
Use a Wii Nunchuck as an input source on the Espruino.
Connecting MicroPython to AWS IoT using Mosquitto MQTT Relay
Publish IoT sensor data to Mosquitto using MQTT from MicroPython and relay that data to AWS IoT.
Service Mesh with Consul
An open source Docker container management platform.
MicroPython on NodeMCU with Button and LED
MicroPython to interact with Buttons and LEDs.
Connecting MicroPython to AWS IoT using MQTT
Publish IoT sensor data to MQTT using MicroPython.
PuppetServer 6 - a meta "We work with containers too!" release
A release with built-in Vault support and deployed via Docker Image. Or, maybe a release demanded by marketing because Docker is eating the configuration management lunch.
Using ampy for transferring files with MicroPython
ampy is a helpful little tool for transferring files and executing scripts on the MicroPython controller.
Install MacOS 9.2.2 on a qemu-based PowerPC VM
Operate the last release of MacOS Classic in a virtual machine
Install Libvirt/KVM on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and setup a bridge (br0) using NetPlan
Setup Ubuntu 18.04 with KVM and start hosting VMs
Using MicroPython on a NodeMCU as a MQTT publisher
Publish IoT sensor data to MQTT using MicroPython.
Using the DHT11 Temperature Sensor with MicroPython on a NodeMCU
The DHT11 Temperature Sensor is a low-cost sensor that can be quickly connected to a NodeMCU and works well with MicroPython.
Connecting the MicroPython-powered NodeMCU to WiFi
You can connect to the MicroPython powered NodeMCU over a serial connection, but the true power is realized by hooking the NodeMCU up to the Wireless network.
Using MicroPython with a NodeMCU
MicroPython is a Python IoT firmware that runs on the NodeMCU.