Bar Raising Seashore Trolley Museum Ice Cream Nights
A guide for a Trolley Conductors and providing a bar raising experience during Ice Cream Night.
Seashore Trolley Museum Uniform (unofficial)
A guide for purchasing your uniform pieces.
Seashore Trolley Museum Operator Day 1 (unofficial)
Your first day at the Seashore Trolley Museum. The when, where, and how.
Futzing about with SerenityOS
SerenityOS is an amazing project, or what might be better classified as a **labor of love.** Especially since SerenityOS is a love letter to the operating systems of the late 90's and early 2000's. If you lived through the Windows 2000 and 90's Linux era you will immediately feel right at home.
Galaxy of Jawas
A SWCCG game format restricting characters to Jawas and thematically appropriate Droids, Vehicles, Starships, and Weapons.
Colour Maximite 2
A lightweight computer that runs BASIC and includes multiple GPIO interfaces
MS-DOS 7.1
MS-DOS 7.1, a custom compilation of the MS-DOS that was included in Windows 95/98.
Setup SCSI2SD v5.5 for setting up a classic mac
Use a SCSI2SD v5.5 as an external SCSI hard drive to setup a 68k, or PPC, Macintosh
Macintosh Performa 6290cd
Installing an SD-Card based IDE drive, installing MacOS 7.5.3 using SCSI2SD v5.5
Applesoft BASIC Double Low Resolution Graphics
80x40 pixels using AppleSoft BASIC
Animal Crossing New Horizons Cats
Animal Crossing Cats and which ones get along, and which ones do not.
Apple IIc Video Port Breakout
Apple IIc Audio/Video Breakout Adapter for connecting the Apple IIc to standard NTSC video adapters.
Using GitHub Action Workflows
A quick introduction to creating a GitHub Actions Workflow
PowerBook 1xx SCSI Disk Mode
Place a PowerBook 165c in to SCSI Disk Mode so it can be connected to another Mac as though it were an external SCSI drive.
FreeDOS 1.2
FreeDOS 25th Anniversary Edition.
Using MicroPython with a WeMos D1 Mini
Installing the MicroPython firmware on to the WeMos, a miniature NodeMCU.
Check if the Commodore64 Joystick is working using BASIC
A simple piece of BASIC that takes the XY coordinates from the Joystick and prints the data to the screen
Macintosh Classic Keyboard Commands
Commands for Controlling MacOS Classic
Terraform provider for Libvirt
Use terraform to control Libvirt/KVM
KVM MAC Address Generator
Generate a unique MAC address to be used with KVM libvirt.
Apple IIe Card for the Macintosh
Choosing the Macintosh LC475 24-bit Processing The Apple IIe card requires a Macintosh with a PDS slot and support 24-bit memory addressing.(From System 7.6 onwards, Macintosh system software does not...
Setup SCSI2SD as the disk drive for a 68k Mac
Use a SCSI2SD device as the SCSI hard drive in a 68k Macintosh and install MacOS 7.5.5 from an emulated floppy drive
Amazon Lambda HTTP Basic Auth using ClaudiaJS
Building a Javascript app, built on the ClaudiaJS framework, to handle HTTP basicauth requests when running on Amazon Lambda.
Espruino and the Wii Nunchuck
Use a Wii Nunchuck as an input source on the Espruino.