Apple II DOS and ProDOS Commands


CATALOGShows a directory listing. (On ProDOS you can also use CAT)
LOAD filenameLoads a Applesoft BASIC program.
SAVE filenameSaves a Applesoft BASIC program.
RUN filenameLoads and runs a Applesoft BASIC program.
BLOAD filenameLoads a binary file.
BSAVE filename,Aaddr,LlenSaves a binary file.
BRUN filenameLoads and executes a binary file
OPEN filenameOpens a text file. For BASIC programs only.
CLOSE [filename]Closes specified (or all) open text files.
READ filenameReads from a text file. For BASIC programs only.
WRITE filenameWrites to a text file. For BASIC programs only.
APPEND filenameAppends to a text file. For BASIC programs only.
POSITION filenameSets position in text file. For BASIC programs only.
EXEC filename'Executes' a text file, as if every line was typed.
DELETE filenameAttempts to remove a file from disk
LOCK filennameQuick file protect from change or deletion
UNLOCK filennameUndoes a LOCK
RENAME file1,file2Renames 'file1' to 'file2'
IN#slotnumRedirects input from the specified slot
PR#slotnumRedirects output to the specified slot
VERIFY filenameChecks existence, DOS 3.3 checks if is readable

Commands for DOS 3.3 Only

INIT filenameFormats disk, current BASIC program saved as boot app.
MON [,C][,I][,O]Traces DOS 3.3 commands
NOMON [,C][,I][,O]Cancels tracing of DOS 3.3 commands
MAXFILES nReserves buffers for disk i/o
FPSwitches to Applesoft BASIC, erases program in memory
INTSwitches to Integer BASIC, erases program in memory

Commands for ProDOS BASIC.SYSTEM Only

CAT40-column directory listing.
PREFIX [dirname]Displays current directory or changes current dir.
CREATE filenameCreates a file with optional type
- filenameExecutes Applesoft, binary, text, system file
BYEExits to ProDOS application switcher
FLUSHWrites all buffers to disk
CHAIN filenameRuns another Applesoft program, variables intact
FREFaster Applesoft string garbage collection
STORE filenameWrites Applesoft variables to a file
RESTORE filenameReads Applesoft variables from a file
MTRJumps to monitor (same as 'CALL -151')
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