Apple IIGS Keyboard tricks

Ctrl-Shift-OA-ResetReboot and re-load BRAM (ROM 03)
Ctrl-OA-OPT-ResetSystem test (OA-OPT to repeat)
Option while power-onMenu to Reset standards
Ctrl-OPT-ResetReboot and give menu
Ctrl-OA-ESCGo to control panel
Ctrl-OA-Shift-ESCMore direct to control panel
Shift 5 timesEnable sticky keys (ROM 03 or Sys 6)
Shift-OA-ClearEnable keyboard mouse (ROM 03 or Sys 6)
Ctrl-OA-DelClear keybard type-ahead buffer
Hold OA, then Ctrl-DelAuto fire Button 0
Shift-Period on keypadComma
Ctrl-OA-2 in GS/OS desktip appSelect "About.."
Control-6, then in BASICSet cursor to
Ctrl-OA-OPT-N at sliding Apple,
aka "Check Startup Disk", screen
* OA = Open Apple. What is now called the Command key.
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