About Devon Hubner

I grew up on a farm in Chesterfield, NH. I love the farm. At a young age my father told me to work with computers, so I traded my potato chips for micro chips.

I married an island girl and moved to Maine. I've lived in Boothbay Harbor and currently live in Kennebunk. I think my life plan is to live in all the places my wife or I vacationed as kids.


I'm a cat guy. All my cats are named after music in some way: Forte, Figaro, Hamilton, Maui.

I'm a DisneyFile. I'm a DVC member and I make at least one trip to Disney World every year, although I prefer two.

I'm an Apple II hobbyist, which basically means I own an Apple IIe, an Apple IIe Platinum, and three Apple IIgs' and know how to Retrobrite. Apple II's are a fun hobby, but I haven't been able to answer the What do you do with them? question with more than Play Oregon Trail yet.


I'm an AWS Certified Cloud Solutions Architect. AWS, Linux, and DevOps are really the things getting me out of bed in the morning.

I write most of my stuff in Ruby. Yukihiro Matsumoto, the creator of Ruby, said that Ruby should make you happy, and that's why I use it. Ruby allows me to accomplish complex projects quickly, and every time I use I have a deep sense of satisfaction and joy.

I'm starting to get in to Golang. I love the idea of a single binary that can be run anywhere. Any DevOps guy knows the hells of trying to meet and match dependencies. If programming in Ruby makes you happy, Go will make you happy to run your code.


Some of my code and contributions can be found on GitHub.

I post about (mostly) Cloud stuff on Twitter.

To talk about work, find me on LinkedIn.