Apple IIGS SCART to HDMI adapter

The SCART to HDMI adapter is made by CiBest and can be purchased from Amazon

The CiBest SCART to HDMI Converter was $36.99 when I purchased it, making it easily the most expensive component of this little hack.

One side of the converter box has a power plug and a SCART connection.
SCART side of converter box
HDMI Output side of converter box
The opposite side of the box has HDMI output.

There are three buttons which control the video output. It is neccesary to play with this to find the correct combination of NTSC+720p/1080p+ScanHD settings.

Gotcha:I at first attempted to hook this up through a HDMI splitter. I was able to hear the sounds but could not see the display and had to ultimately remove the HDMI splitter from the mix.

RetroCables sells the AppleIIgs RGB to SCART adapter cable.

The adapter is reasonably priced at €9.99. However, it cost me €13.00 to ship the cable.

Apple IIgs RGB to SCART adapter cable
Apple IIgs RGB to SCART adapter in packaging
Once everything is plugged in you will be able to enjoy the Apple IIgs on the BIG screen with no scanlines!
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