Apple IIe Card for the Macintosh

Choosing the Macintosh LC475

24-bit Processing

  • The Apple IIe card requires a Macintosh with a PDS slot and support 24-bit memory addressing.
    (From System 7.6 onwards, Macintosh system software does not support 24-bit addressing.)
  • The latest version of MacOS that can be used, which supports 24-bit addressing and the Apple IIe card, is System 7.5.5.

  • To enable 24-bit addressing on supported systems, use the Macintosh Memory control panel.
  • 24-bit addressing will only allow a maximum of 8mb of RAM.

Apple IIe card supported Macs by CPU speed

  • The Apple IIe card is a PDS card.
  • The Apple IIe card will work with any system that supports a PDS slot and 24-bit addressing.
cpucpu speedbusmodels
6802016 MHz16-bitLC
6803016 MHz16-bitLC II, Color Classic, Performa 250/400/405/410/430
6803025 MHz32-bitLC III, Performa 450/520
6803033 MHz32-bitLC III+, Performa 275/46x/550, Color Classic II
6804025 MHz32-bitLC 475, Performa 47x, Quadra 605
6804033 MHz32-bitLC 575, Performa 57x

Setup a Macintosh LC475 with Apple IIe for Macintosh Card

  • The Apple IIe installer requires a floppy disk as the installation source.
  • The Apple IIe installer is not required as it is just moving the files in to place.
  • If you do not have a floppy, or do not want to use a floppy, just drag the appropriate files to the appropriate targets.

Apple IIe 2.2.2d1

I have bundled the Apple IIe software, pre-patched with version 2.2.2d1

  • Download the disk image with Apple IIe 2.2.2d1: AppleIIe.dsk
  • Download Stuffit Archive (sit) with Apple IIe 2.2.2d1 on it: AppleIIe.sit

Apple IIe startup 2.2.2d1, PRODOS, and Basic.System

  • Apple IIe Startup must be able to find PRODOS and Basic.system
  • PRODOS and Basic.system must be in the same folder as Apple IIe Startup

Copy the Apple ProDOS filesystem extension to the extensions folder

Place the ProDOS File System support file in to the Extenions System Folder.

Partition the startup disk (disk 0) with a 10mb ProDOS filesystem.

Copy PRODOS and Basic.System in to the ProDOS filesystem.

  • Any Apple IIe program on the ProDOS filesystem can be launched by double-clicking it.

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