Espruino and the Wii Nunchuck

Espruino project demonstrates the Wii Nunchuck and the RGB123 LED Matrix

Back in 2013 the Espruino project demonstrated building a simple pong system using an RGB123 LED Matrix and a Wii Nunchuck

Wii Nunchuck Pinout

  • The Wii Nunchuck is an I2C (synchronous serial computer bus) device.
  • SDA and SCL need wiring up to the corresponding I2C pins (of the same I2C port) on the NodeMCU.
  • According to variants/nodemcu/pins_arduino.h the default SDA/SCL pins on the NodeMCU are:
    • SDA (data)  = GPIO4 (D2)
    • SCL (clock) = GPIO5 (D1)
White Gnd Gnd Gnd Gnd
Red 3V3 Vdd Vdd Vdd
Yellow SCL B6 D0 GPIO5 (D1)
Green SDA B7 D2 GPIO4 (D2)

With Espruino and the NodeMCU, the “D” pin is the GPIO number, not the D-pin number.

The example provided by the Espruino project has the code as:

var wii = require("wii_nunchuck").connect(I2C1);

However, a forum post suggests that we will need to configure the ports and set the CPU frequency

var ESP8266 = require('ESP8266');
pinMode(D1, 'opendrain'); // scl
pinMode(D2, 'opendrain'); // sda
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