Seashore Trolley Museum Uniform (unofficial)

Welcome to the Seashore Trolley Museum!

Thank you for volunteering as an Operator. Sourcing the pieces of your uniform will be a journey. When in doubt, ask your fellow operators for advice on where they sourced the pieces of their uniforms.

This document is an unofficial guide to sourcing the uniform pieces you need as an Operator at the Seashore Trolley Museum. You might call it the New Operator Missing Uniform Sourcing Guide.

Where to purchase your Trolley Operator uniform pieces

You don’t need special boots. Just wear something comfortable that won’t roll when you walk up the track. You will be on your feet a LOT throughout the day, ensure your shoes don’t betray you.

You should have a pair of gloves. Some people use a lightweight pair of gardening gloves with silicon grippy fingers. Some people use work gloves that you would use for splitting wood or something. You may find it undesirable to have a bulky object on your person in addition to what you’re already lugging around. Hot tip: keep a fresh paper towel in your pocket and use that to handle the grease sticks when greasing the rail. Then when you’re done, just throw the towel away. You will want the gloves when putting up running boards on 303, making the gloves a summertime essential.

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